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Ethel MacDonald was born in Bellshill, West of Scotland, in 1910 the free-spirited daughter of a large working class family - but from such humble beginnings often come extraordinary stories.

At the time of our story Ethel is 27 years old. She is determined - almost to the point of obsession. She is confident of her values and her abilities and is completely fearless. As an Anarchist she is politically aware and has a burning desire for social justice.

Ethel was dark-haired, small of stature, and mesmerising company. She was a classic Scottish auto-didact - everything she has learned has taken will-power, study and patience.

She is a mercurial character - fast-talking, quick-witted, a workaholic. But she is also a constant friend. In 'An Anarchist's Story' - through her own words and via our reconstructions - one characteristic more than any other shines through: her deep, undying passion.